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You can buy my music on BandCamp, iTunes, CDBaby and most other online digital music sources. The “buy” links below are to BandCamp where you can pay whatever you like for a song (including nothing). Thanks for listening!

With the Mesmers: I also play with a band called The Mesmers where I sing, write songs, play bass & do synths. The Mesmers have more of a rock feel (The Doors meet Beck maybe) and several albums out available on iTunes, CDBaby, and most other online music distributors.

The Mesmers: Fitz’s Subway to Another Life

Fitzs Subway to Another Life Album Cover
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The Mesmers’ second CD: Produced by Fitz (vocals co-produced by Larry Friedman). Engineered by David Hanbury. Mixed by Miro Pajic (drum tracks on Hang up, Try Again pre-mixed by Dave Hanbury). Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann. Recorded at Tamarack River Farm, Servo Studio, Gimlet Studio, & House of Jam Studio. Cover art & Photography by Fitz. Interior photography by Will Smith.

The Mesmers: The Mesmers

Mesmers Album 1
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The Mesmers first album recorded in their very own Gimlet Studio and mixed by the talented Bruce Miller is now ready for sale. It has received glowing reviews from several publications including CDReviews and Whisperin & Hollerin.