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Apple Music and iTunes Match Are Awful

December 7th, 2015 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 0 Comments


I pretty much agree with everything in this post. I’ve tried time and time again to love the new Apple Music but it just awful. It has destroyed my iTunes library, scrambled my playlists, and stubbornly refused to play many of my songs. I’ve tried twice to rebuild and debug to little success. Thankfully I synced everything to an 120gig iPod before starting with Apple Music. My current plan is to somehow retrieve the songs and library off of that iPod, kill Apple Music and iTunes Match, and go back to using Spotify for streaming.

How a company like Apple could have botch this so badly I’ll never know. I do know the core things I’d recommend they tackle to fix the fiasco:

Fix the File Management

The #1 priority HAS to be fixing the crazed iTunes file issues. Many of us have been refining playlists for YEARS. DO NOT BREAK THESE!!! In fact, don’t break anything! I want all my music to be seamlessly shared across all my devices. Songs should never disappear for no reason, refuse to play, or be unavailable for download once purchased.

Simplify, simplify, SIMPLIFY

Channel the ghost of Steve Jobs and ruthlessly kill all the unnecessary bells and whistles. Start with the useless Connect and trim trim trim till there’s nothing but an insanely great interface. Yes this will limit choices and features. And yes, this is a good thing.

Separate Apple Music from the rest of iTunes

There should be one app for all Apple devices (phones, tablets, & desktops) called “Apple Music” and it should ONLY deal with music. It should not include with apps, TV shows, or anything else. I’d recommend creating a desktop app called “Apple Sync” that synchronizes devices to Apple Music, iBooks, podcasts, etc.