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Hawk the Slayer Sequel

September 9th, 2015 by Fitz, RPGs, Cons, & Geekery, 0 Comments

Hawk the Hunter

They’re charging ahead with a Hawk the Slayer sequel! And with Rick Wakeman doing the score! I’m all in and you can too via it’s Kickstarter Campaign.

The original 1980 movie is my second favorite 80s swords and sorcery flick (second only to the fantastic Deathstalker!). Cheesy, fun, and very true to the early D&D vibe it a great watch. I hope the sequel turns out as good.

I’m particularly encouraged that Wakeman is doing the score. The original movie’s score was really quite magical. It was a weird amalgam of orchestral, synth, and Italian disco which worked really well. I’m sure Wakeman will come up with something equally imaginative.

Fund it folks!