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Grant Cutler’s 2012

April 14th, 2015 by Fitz, Electronica & Synthpop, 0 Comments

Grant Cutler's 2012

I’ve had Grant Cutler’s “2012″ in heavy rotation lately. It’s a very solid ambient/kraut rock album with a great gritty, warbling, and wheezy sound.

“He’d been reading about Zen meditation practice. He was learning about binaural beats. He’d just gotten a Roland JX-3P, a synthesizer from 1983. And so he spread his synths about the floor of the back room of his house and set about making drone tapes on his grandfather’s tape deck. The deck itself was rescued from his sister’s basement, and the no-name recorder didn’t even work properly half the time. It would eat the cassettes whole, and so every successful recording was a victory. Even then, playing the tape back to transfer it onto his computer would sometimes destroy the tape. Each of the performances here, then, is unique and unduplicatable.”