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Desert Island Song

January 29th, 2015 by Fitz, Citizen Fitz's Songs, 0 Comments

I Could Never Be Friends With A Yeti

Desert Island

A gorilla, yes, but a Yeti, never. Ignoring the creature’s whole man-eating inclinations, it’s the beast’s penchant for icy climes that would really put a wedge between us. A Yeti would always be inviting me over for chilled seal meat on some glacier while I’d be dragging him for kebabs on a beach… of an island… a desert island…

Which rounds me nicely to my latest, just released track: DESERT ISLAND a cover of the Magnetic Fields’ song. Go buy it:

It’s a snappy track featuring my first kalimba recording and with enough sunny vibes to make even a yeti-prepared seal meal palatable.