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Share Music For a Great Team Building Activity

November 15th, 2014 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 0 Comments

Vintage Radio

My day job recently concocted a truly fun team building exercise. I know, I know, “team building”??? It sounds impossibly lame but trust me, this one is good. Here’s how it works:

Each team member submits a playlist of their 25 favorite songs which are then distributed to all the other members.

That’s it. No falling backwards and hoping George from accounting will catch you. It’s simple, fun, and really gives everyone a strong sense of other team members personalities. A person’s taste in music, more than just about anything else, speaks volumes to their identity and emotional core. Thus music is a perfect tool for team building which is all about better understand and empathizing with your fellow workers.


A few consideration for implementation:

  • The theme of the songs can vary from favorite to “songs you listen to at work”, “songs you wish you’d written”, or even “guilty pleasures”.
  • The number of songs will vary with the size of your team. Small teams (15 or less) can stick to 20-25 but much larger ones will want to trim that down considerably.
  • Distributing the songs is easy todo with YouTube playlists. Alternatively you can buy all the songs online and distribute them. This may sound expensive but I’ll wager it’s far cheaper than taking your team out for a nice dinner.
  • For an added twist don’t label the playlists when you distribute them and see if people can match them to the owners.

For an activity wrap up you can all meet discuss the playlists and even vote for the best list and worst individual song (it was “We Built this City” by Starship that last time our team did it). If your team has particularly crunchy, chart makers it can be fun to graph metrics such as the years the songs range, the prevalence of genres, the average song length, et. al.