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Top 20 Trip Pictures

September 22nd, 2014 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 0 Comments

As pre normal I snapped a LOT of pictures on the trip. Here are my favorite 20 in no particular order:

Cartoosa Whale 2 The Cartoosa Whale
Probably my favorite thing on the whole trip. A giant whale that used to serve as a platform for swimming. It has no purpose or reason, it just is and I love it.

UDrop Inn The U Drop Inn
Gorgeous art deco building in Texas. Probably one of the best pieces of architecture I saw on the whole trip. It’s a pity the dinner inside it closed in the 90s.

Tee pee curios 1 Tepee Curios
A store with a tepee entrance? I’m so there. It doesn’t get much more “Route 66″ than this.

Lounge Sign Thunderbird Lounge Sign
Just great looking. I wish I’d seen it at night when it was lit up.

Walkers on Ridge at Petrified Forest The Painted Desert in Petrified Forest National Part
The petrified wood was very cool but it was the badlands and painted deserts that really were the big sights to see.

Dinos in Line Rainbow Rock Store
A bunch of cheesy dinosaurs stood outside this store, well, for no real reason I guess. But I loved photographing them.

Wigwam and Car The Wigwam Motel
Motel rooms in the shape of tepees.

Daniel and Mom Daniel and His Mom Daniel was SO happy to see his mom again and I love this picture of them together.

Arcosanti Arcosanti Arch The retro-futurist “city” was fascinating to visit. I’ll do a whole blog post on it sometime.

Snow Cap Snow Cap
We almost missed seeing this place and the crazy 150+ corvette rally that descended upon it shortly after we arrived. Good times!

Copper Cart Copper Cart
This pic sums up a lot of our Route 66 experience. Daniel under the sign and my Honda Element (the Gingernaut) in the background).

Giant Robot Giant Robot
A monstrous robot at Burning Man. Two people could climb inside and control it’s movements and make it spit fire.

Giant Die Giant 20-sider
I’m not sure this huge icosahedron was actually intended to be the iconic “20-sided die” but I like to imagine it that way.

the View Mirrored Lenses
Seeing what was seen.

Geodesic Walker Geodesic Spider-bot
A super cool art car that crawled like a crab across the playa.

Glowing Pyramid Plastic Pyramid
Climbable and lit up at night.

Mini Man Second Man
The clouds and neon make this one of my favorite pictures.

Cubes Cubes
Colorful translucent cubes.

Fitz n Daniel Burning Man Fitz and Daniel
My second favorite picture of Daniel and I at the burn. I’d post the favorite but we’re naked taking a shower in a giant flower.

Geodesic house Geodesic Home
This was a companion peice to the spider above made by the same artist.

Mantis Mantis
A very large art piece that housed a sleeping area in its abdomen.