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Thoughts on the New Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

September 10th, 2014 by Fitz, RPGs, Cons, & Geekery, 0 Comments

D&D Starter Set

Here’s my take, review, or just general ramblings on the Wizard’s of the Coast’s new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (D&D 5th Edition if you will).

I like it. No really. I think it’s quite well done.

All reviews exist in comparison to other works and I’m specifically measuring this set against basic D&D from the early 80s. Specifically, the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set.


In this context the new Starter Set fares quite well. Yes, the writing is dumbed down (sometimes to wincable levels) and some explanations carry on a bit long, but as an introductory book for children it’s fine. The rules are clear, streamlined, and presented in a nicely organized manner. Guidance is provided for more contentious gaming situations and tricky conventions avoided (no vexing polymorph spells). The set contains literally all one needs to get started with the game: rules, dice, and an adventure. The only oddity is the strange size of the box itself in comparison to the wafer thin contents. I assume this was due to some standard box size being the most inexpensive to produce.

Now that they’ve provided for the kiddies I’m curious what our Costal Wizards will offer us adults with the upcoming Players Handbook…