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Zippah Recording’s “Fall Like Rain”

June 11th, 2014 by Fitz, Music Synths, Gear, & Tips, 0 Comments

I’m really enjoying the Zippah Recording Studio blog’s “Fall Like Rain”.  It’s a recording of a new song done in the style of Duran Duran’s “Rios” complete with studio notes on how they recreated the vintage sound of that track.

“The kick drum sound on ‘Rio’ is severely eq’d and could easily pass as an electronic sound. Frequencies between 200-400Hz were attenuated and frequencies between 4-8khz were boosted almost 6-8db. This amount of boost in the treble range can be very unforgiving to a drummer with an inconsistent kick foot…luckily; we had no such problem with our drummer Steve Chaggaris. To Achieve the snare sound we used a Pearl 6 ½ X 14” metal drum tuned to match the pitch on ‘Rio’ with the snares loosened up more than your usual ‘baggy’ sound. I used part of a cotton twill shirt over the top of the head.”

The entire blog of the studio follows this trick: recording new songs in a vintage styles and laying out exactly how they achieved the sounds on each. Very useful and lots of fun.