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Andy and Bax Camping Mug

June 9th, 2014 by Fitz, Travel Gear & Tips, 0 Comments

Andy and Bax Camping Mug

It was a surprisingly warm night on the dusty playa of Burning Man. Will, Ian, and I were stumbling thru the moonlight from bar to bar laughing and drinking as we went. There were sights to see, music for dancing, and everywhere the near-mystical celebration that is Burning Man.

When you want to go drinking at Burning Man you leave your wallet at camp. There’s no commerce and everywhere you go friendly folks will fill your mug with an endless array of booze. But that’s the catch: you have to have a mug as no one supplies them. Will and I had mugs but we were very envious of Ian’s far superior inebriation device. It was a rugged metal stein with a carabiner for a handle. He could snap it on and off his belt with no fuss and it was insulated so hot liquids didn’t make its outside hot. The next day I made sure I snapped a picture of the branding on its front and Will later bought me one for Xmas.

This is a near-perfect camping / hiking / Burning Man mug. The company that makes them, Andy and Bax, doesn’t list it on their Website but if you contact them and describe it they’ll be able to get you one.