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Recommends: Firechild

November 22nd, 2013 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 0 Comments

You know analog synth fetishism has been taken to a whole new level when an artist is releasing albums who’s track names include the actual gear used.

Firechild is such an artist. He’s got two albums out (Beyond the Sun and Beyond the Stars) with such titles as:

  • “Mighty Jupiter (Jupiter 8)”
  • “The Pulse of My Heart (Waldorf Pulse)”
  • “The Voyager (The Minimoog Voyager RME Edit)”
  • and my favorite: “The Frenchman and the Greek”

He’s also got an absolute treasure trove of vintage analog synths with which to craft these tunes. Yamaha CS80? Check. Roland Jupiter 8? Check. Oberheim Xpander? Check. The list goes on and on.

The albums themselves are really quite good. They’re generally short, upbeat instrumentals with each using only one or two synths. The guy can play and arrange very well and if you’re a synth aficionado you’d do well to check these recordings out.

I find it very interesting how similar the tracks can sound even with totally different synths. To my ear the CS80 track rings as the most distinctive with the Jupiter 8 a distant second. All the rest sound more or less analogous (har har). This could all be due to programming and production but it makes the point that pretty much any decent polysynth can sound great in the hands of a skilled artist.