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Turkey – Cappadocia Underground City

October 25th, 2012 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 0 Comments

Stairs Down

One fo the things I was most looking forward to on the trip was visiting one of the many underground cities in Cappadocia. These are massive subterranian living spaces that were used primarily as refuge from invaders. The one we visited was 8-stories deep and outfitted with everything from kitchens, to wine cellers, to churches. The layout was winding and pretty cramped for someone of my height (I’m 6ft 2). If you’re claustophobic you might want to skip this one.

We were lucky enough to get their very early and sneak away from the tour guide. For over an hour Troy and I pretty much had the place to ourselves. I’d brought a powerful flashlight and we even did some exploring of the unlit, off limits places. the sheer scale of the place is a bit boggling as is the notion of an entire town living here in such close quarter with only oil lamps for lighting. The narrow hallways would be easy to defend against invaders and there were even false air vents and water wells to confound attackers attempting to poison the city. We found one of the vent shafts and even with my light on high we couldn’t see the top or bottom. Also of note are the giant round stone “doors” with a hole in the center for observation on a spear thrust as needed.