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Headed to Pennsic War

August 2nd, 2012 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 1 Comment


Pennsic War, or just “Pennsic” as it’s often called, is a giant medieval festival held for three weeks in Pennsylvania. I like to alternately describe it as “camping with costumes” or “a Renaissance Festival where everyone participates – no one isn’t in costume”. The festival began in the 70s and has grown ever since. My first attendance was way back in 1987 when the Gipper was still at our country’s reigns. I went regularly for a few years and once with Will but haven’t been back in a long time. Our clan (camping group that attends) is planning a 25th year anniversary and roped me into attending again. It should be fun as long as I avoid the short short tunics and Duran Duran hairstyles. :)

Below are a bunch of vintage pictures from our group’s time their. Most were taken by a friend, Lea and I particularly love how grainy her old Kodak Disc Camera photos look. There’s a bunch more over at the clan’s Website Die When I return I’ll supply you all with a much fuller account of the event and tips on attending for those interested.

And I have to say: Boy it feels good to be getting back on the road again!