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One Year Off

April 29th, 2012 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 0 Comments

Road trip thru the badlands

One year ago today I walked out of my corporate job. The changes that have taken place since then in my life are enormous. A huge adventure across the country. A new home. A new love life. It was pretty much the definition of a “growth year”. A bit of reflection:

Would I do it again?
Absolutely. Life is short but excuses run long. You can put off anything for ever but once you take the plunge you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

What was my biggest mistake?
Nothing really large stands out. There were a lot of small errors that arose from inexperience but nothing mission critical.

What did I do really right?
Prepared myself really well with lots of savings, good gear, and a solid but flexible plan for what to do with the year.

What my strongest recommendation?
Learn to be flexible. If you do take a year off odds are it won’t turn out as you plan. You’ll need to adapt and still enjoy your time. Also, read a lot of travel blogs to get an idea of what to expect. They’re a great resource.

What was my favorite part of the time off?
The incredible generosity of strangers. From great couchsurfing experiences, to tours around town, to unexpected lodging in National Parks people were really nice to me all along the way.

So What Next?

So what’s my next big adventure? I’m not really sure yet. Things are a bit up in the air now. I think a day or two a navel gazing and planning are in order.