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Caesar Cat: 1993(?) – 2012

April 9th, 2012 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 0 Comments

Few mornings are worse than one where you have to put a beloved pet down.

Almost 19 years ago a shabby little kitten missing one leg took to sleeping on the couch at the house me and three other guys rented near the college. The kitten was sick and just looked pathetic. It took me about a week to coax him inside but soon he was dubbed “Caesar” and became the official house pet. An expensive surgery fixed up his leg (as best as possible) and he settled in with me as one of the most pleasant and agreeable cats I’ve ever owned. He loved to sleep in the bed “teddy bear” style all snuggled up under my arm. I’ve never had a cat who would do that. I fondly remember many nights falling asleep to his purring. He and and my jack russell, Pronto, were also my best studio friends. Musicians need loads of time alone to get their work done and pets are a great way to break the loneliness. Caesar was always around for that.

At his age I shouldn’t feel sad for his passing. He had a great life and landed extraordinarily well considering his rough start. Still, tears.