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First Show: A “Plan B” Show

March 29th, 2012 by Fitz, Shows & Events, 0 Comments

Dahlak Show

Ah, the first performance after a long time off. Jitters, fumbles, but overall I felt pretty solid. It was really good to see friend and bandmate Peter show up. When one of the other acts mentioned they needed a drummer I goaded Peter up on stage (seen in the blurry pic above) to join in.

I did this show with nothing but another musicians keyboard set to piano and a mic with no effects. It was a good way to start playing as this has always been my “plan B” show. All my fancy synths and a laptop are great for all sorts of sounds, loops, and effects but they have many points of failure. Forget just one cable and the whole thing won’t work. So I’ve ┬álearned enough of my songs as simple voice & piano tunes just in case: my “plan B”.

Apparently something just like this happened to Howard Jones in the last few years where he was performing at an award ceremony when his synth failed. He fiddled with if for a bit then just walked over to a nearby piano and played it instead. I’ve fished around for a link or video of this but can’t seem to find it. Ah, the interWebs. So tangled sometimes.