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Inspirations: Sound the Alarm by Thievery Corporation

March 16th, 2012 by Fitz, Inspirations, 0 Comments

Sound the Alarm by Thievery Corporation

With its air-raid siren intro, driving reggae groove, and mildly menacing female vocals “Sound the Alarm” may be the perfect soundtrack for footage of protests and insurrections in foreign lands. I’ve listened to the lyrics many times and I can’t understand what the hell she’s saying but it sure sounds like incitement to me.

Theivery Corporations is one of the best production acts around. Their records unifomly sound great and make a slam dunk case that digital recordings can sound as warm and soulful as anything analog ever offered. Their music blends so many elements it’s like a mad cook frantically grabbing every spice off his rack and shaking it excitedly above a pot of stew. I love a great many of their tracks but this one in particular keeps me coming back.

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