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The BEST Modular Synth Wind Sound Ever

February 9th, 2012 by Fitz, Music Synths, Gear, & Tips, 0 Comments

Modular Synth patch

Okay, as wind noises are among the most common and overblown (har har) analog synth textures of all, “the best” may be a bit strong. But it is a damn good one that sounds very natural and is almost endlessly random. The secret is to smooth out the randomness of the filtering with a slew limiter (Q105) so changes are nice and gradual. Add in the great Fixed Filter Band (Q127) for some additional tone shaping and it’s a pretty damn good simulacrum if I say so myself. Which I just did.

The second version adds in the sound of a tent or flag flapping. It was pretty challenging to make and required some cross patching with the ARP 2600 and pitch shifting in the DAW afterwards. Hence, I’m not including a pic of it as I never ever want to cable that ugly puppy up again.