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Free Prophet 08 Patches

January 31st, 2012 by Fitz, Music Synths, Gear, & Tips, 0 Comments

Prophet 08 synth

Here are 10 free patches for the Dave Smith Prophet 08 Synthesizer. Most of them are comping patches but they’re a few basses and string-pads as well.

  • Afrika Horns – the expected, but far better than the factory version IMHO
  • Bounty Strings – similar to Vangelis strings from the Bounty soundtrack
  • League Play – bright comping sound
  • League Warm – complimentary warm comping sound
  • Mello Flute
  • Neptune City – More aggressive comping sound with a vague organish texture
  • Plutonia Strings – Warm buzzy pad. Probably my favorite patch.
  • Poly Comp – A very utilitarian, if somewhat bland, comping sound. This is my go-to sound for songwriting or when nothing else works.
  • Sorcerer – A TD like bass sound
  • SubTropolis – A subby bass sound

Download patchs:

Iconic synth wizardress Wendy Carlos once complaining about factory synth patches programmed to wow users in the store. She noted that they’ve got tons of movement and layers which sound great when you push one key but are next to useless when you want to compose something of your own. I tend to agree and my patches aren’t flashy but should prove very playable in your own songs.