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Yellowstone: Old Faithful & the Old Faithful Lodge

January 12th, 2012 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 0 Comments

Old Faithful

How can one trek to Yellowstone and not see Old Faithful? People had warned me the geyser was anticlimactic and underwhelming but I wouldn’t be dissuaded. This was another American road trip cliche I had to embrace.

I ended up being very lucky as I parked, walked up to the geyser which was surrounded by people, found a perfect photography spot, and waited less than 10 minutes to watch it erupt (it goes off about every 90 minutes). The lighting was perfect, I got some great shots, and was really taken by the beauty of the geyser. The naysayers were wrong, Old Faithful is quite a wonderful spectacle. Don’t miss it!

I then turned to the Old Faithful Inn. This is another Yellowstone site you won’t want to miss. The outside looks a bit pedestrian but the interior is constructed like an Ewok wonderland. Built in the early 20th century it’s lobby soars with a impressive lattice of natural beams. It’s a fantastic space to wander around it. I spend the rest of the day there. The second floor has desks you can use with power outlets for your laptop. I penned several blog post sitting there and drinking a few martini’s from the bar. I really wish my budget had allowed for me rent a room there for a few days but as it turned out, I found better accommodations.