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Yellowstone National Park: Rescued by a Ranger

January 5th, 2012 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 1 Comment

Yellowstone Sign

Yellowstone National Park: where I got to stay with a park ranger in his cabin for a while. No, really.

I was initially a bit cool to Yellowstone. The crowds were annoying and a string of small misadventures plagued me from the get go. After a few days, however, I really warmed to the place and it’s scenery remains some of my fondest trip memories. The turning point was when I accidentally dumped a large water container onto my bedding and suddenly had nowhere to sleep. I’d resigned myself to leaving the park and finding a motel outside when I mentioned my misfortune to a man I was chatting with online. His response was, well, surprising: “I’m a park ranger. You’re free to go sleep in my cabin.”



I was mighty wary of this offer. I imagined he either just wanted to bed me or was pulling a prank on a coworker by sending me into their cabin. But after chatting with him for a while I became convinced it was worth exploring. He claimed wasn’t even going to be in the cabin for a day or so and I’d have it to myself. I decided to take the chance.

The cabin was a gorgeous 40s design with elk-horn door handles and giant beams in the celling. I cautiously entered while calling out to see if anyone was home. My mind raced thru explanations and excuses I could offer to shotgun-wielding occupants or the police: “But this guy online said I could sleep here!”. All was quiet. No one was around. I found the guest bedroom he’d mentioned and settled in for a very comfortable night.

The next day the ranger showed up with steaks. He turned out to be a great guy and a lot of fun to hang out with. Having a fully appointed central base and a knowledgeable guide made a immense difference in seeing the park. I knew where to go and how to avoid the crowds. I had a buddy to hang out with at nights and a very comfortable spot to unwind. It was a gem of an experience.

Yellowstone is an amazing park and truly a great American treasure. I’ll be posting a lot more about it soon.

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  1. Loek Wollersheim says:

    Wonderfull all your pictures.

    As seniors from Holland we like visiting Yellowstone but we don’t know the right person to ask questions about the best place, date and guiding
    Could you sent us an emailaddress of a ranger

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