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Free U-HE Diva Synth Patches

December 29th, 2011 by Fitz, Music Synths, Gear, & Tips, 0 Comments

Okay, just one more post about the new U-HE Diva synth plugin. I wanted to share a bunch of patches I made for Diva including many that were prominent in the Intrepid Voyage track.

Diva such an excellent plugin and quite easy to use. I’m very pleased U-HE kept it simple and didn’t bog it down with arpeggiators, sequencers, matrix modulation, or a bunch of superfluous envelope generators and LFOs. Make it sound really good and keep it really simple. Why is that so hard for most synth makers to get?

Anyway, most of the patches below are recreations of some of my favorite Roland Jupiter 8 sounds. Diva can get shockingly close to the J8′s tone. It doesn’t get the J8′s envelopes quite right (the Jupiter almost seems to double fire the start of envelopes with zero attack) and pulse width modulation timber is off but generally Diva comes damn close.

The Patches:

Download Diva Patches:

  • CF BELLS Constellations.h2p – sparkly bells
  • CF BRASS Sherwood.h2p – soundtrack-ready synth brass
  • CF FX Ancient Powerplant.h2p – burbling sound FX. Sounds best played low
  • CF FX Subway Ambience.h2p – swooshing subway sound
  • CF MALLET Xylo.h2p – recreation of the J8 factory Xylo patch
  • CF PAD Gentle Lake.h2p – warm mellow pad
  • CF PAD Night Boat.h2p – warbling, mysterious pad
  • CF PIANO Mellow Rhodes.h2p – recreation of the J8 factory Mellow Rhodes piano
  • CF SYNTH PolyKomp.h2p – nice synth comping sound that fits well in the background of a mix
  • CF PLUCKS Fire Sticks.h2p – fun plucky comping patch.