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U-HE’s new Diva Synth

December 22nd, 2011 by Fitz, Music Synths, Gear, & Tips, 0 Comments

U-He Diva Synth

I’m giving the official Citizen Fitz endorsement to U-HE’s new Diva synth plugin (my endorsement plus 99 cents will get you a download on iTunes).

After this week’s earlier throwing down of the simulation gauntlet I scoured the Web yet again for a suitable stand in for my beloved but bulky analog synths.

Then I happened across the still-in-beta Diva by U-HE. And wow. It really, really sounds good. It totally passes the midrange warmth test. And it has the best interface of any of my instrument plugins. I spent a few days using it and was totally sold. It’s a plugin that just sucked me in and brings out all sorts of creativity. Perfect.

The only downside to Diva is that to create those dulcet digital tones required a lot of processing power. A LOT. The plugin has four quality modes: Draft, Fast, Great, and Divine. Divine sounds fantastic but playing anything beyond a triad overwhelms my system. Running it in Fast or Draft mode is fine for playing live and then I suppose one sets it to Divine for freezing and rendering in the studio.

Diva has just been released and at a greatly en-cheapened price till the end of the month.