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November 26th, 2011 by Fitz, Music Synths, Gear, & Tips, 0 Comments

Released just in time to further thin my wallet for the holidays is Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) new Chromaphone, a “creative precussion synthesizer”.

I’m a big fan of AAS’s products. It’s the technology behind many of the built in instruments in Ableton live and I relied heavily on Electric (Lounge Lizard) for all the electric piano sounds on the last Mesmers album. For the world-ish sound I’ve been chasing here at Citizen Fitz I’ve been playing around with numerous sources to get kalimbas, balaphones and the like. Chromaphone trumps them all. Its physical modeling is a huge improvement over previous AAS solutions and just about everything else out there. They’ve got a special sale price on it and no dongle nonsense for authorization. Go try the demo.