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Songs Written

November 21st, 2011 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 0 Comments

Modular Synth Live rig

Ah! After a good 6 weeks of hunkering down I’ve written 10 new songs to finish off the first Citizen Fitz album and fill in some blanks for another Mesmers CD. Songs definitely come faster these days. The last time I sat down to write this many it took me half a year. New song titles are:

  1. Automat Affair
  2. Burly
  3. Can’t Fix Crazy
  4. Coin’s Edge
  5. Cold Camp at Night
  6. Hunting for the Sun
  7. Jerks Inherit the Earth
  8. Mystery Plane
  9. Robot in the Sky
  10. Sargasso Sea
  11. Things are Tough All Over

Now it’s off to rehearsal land and I’ll be posting some rough YouTube demos soon. I’m also eager to find a way to use my modular synth for at least 3 of the tracks in a live setting. Modulation, modulation, modulation.