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Devil’s Tower

November 17th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 0 Comments

Distant Devil

So I’m setting up my tent at Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower when a drop dead gorgeous 26-year-old named Paul walks into my camp and asks if he can spend the night with me. He’s smart, woofy cute with a beard, and can recite lines from Monte Python’s Holy Grail better than I can. We spend the night drinking whisky and listening to obscure electronics in my car.

But the gods have a cruel sense of humor.

He was totally straight.

Sigh. At least there was the tower. And what a tower it was. Paul and I spent two nights at the KOA campground right at its base and both of us wished we could have stayed longer. It’s an amazing site. Power, primordial, and very peaceful. Sitting in your campsite whilst occasionally looking up to take in the Tower’s grandeur is one of those “just right” experiences. Trust me.

The KOA campgrounds itself is very well appointed. Located just below the tower it offers a pool, full bathroom facilities, restaurant, and even plays Close Encounters of the Third Kind every night on a screen outside. Yes!

Devil’s Tower was one of the favorite stops and I wish I could have stayed longer. If you go plan to take some time to just chill and take in the site. There’s nothing else in the area for at least an hours drive so just relax, soak in the pool, and marvel at one of the most impressive natural formations in the whole world.