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The Badlands – South Dakota

October 20th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 1 Comment

Simply the prettiest place I visited on my entire trip. There were a few other site that perhaps equalled or surpassed them in isolation but nothing came close to the sheer, all-encompassing grandeur of the Badlands. Everywhere I looked, everywhere I drove, the views were downright arresting. I spent my birthday wandering around the craggy formations taking it all it. Big points to Pris for recommending them.

I’ll let the pixels do the talking from here:

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  1. Katlyn says:

    Wow! Stunning, stunning photos! What month did you visit? Feel free to share some of these photos on our Facebook page as well – South Dakota Tourism (

    Thanks for sharing, so glad I found these.

    Katlyn Richter
    SD Dept Tourism
    Facebook – South Dakota Tourism

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