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Where My Dad Was Shot – Wounded Knee South Dakota

October 18th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 2 Comments

I was 5-years-old when my father (an FBI agent) was shot in South Dakota. My brother and I were whisked to stay with a nearby family as my mother disappeared to take care of him. I distinctly remember my brother and I not being terribly concerned about the whole thing. Our dad, a lawman, had been shot in the arm by indians. To a child it seemed more like a an episode of Gunsmoke than real life and registered more cool than dire. Indeed, my dad returned a few weeks later sporting a pair of scars but not much the worse for wear.

All these years later I wanted to see if those events, which proved so indelible in my childhood, had left any enduring traces in the real world. Wounded Knee has a long history that I’ll not recount. I was really only interested in my family’s personal role in the affair. I stopped in the Wounded Knee Museum, and after asking the curator if there was a section dealing with Federal agents’ involvement in the events, I was directed to a wall panel.

And there he was. My dad and his story. He only received a paragraph but I was amazed that he was mentioned. Somehow I felt sure his injury would be expressed as a drab statistic. “x number of agents were wounded, x number killed” or something like that. I stood there a long time mulling it all over.

2 Responses to “Where My Dad Was Shot – Wounded Knee South Dakota”

  1. Matthew says:

    An interesting family history it sounds like… Alas, my father is a humble educator, as was his mother and grandmother. Not a lot of gunsmoke-esque excitement there.

  2. Rob Gutro says:

    Wow. That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing this story. It’s cool how your dad’s heroics were recognized. Awesome.

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