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Burning Man 2011 – 30 Best of Pictures

September 16th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 1 Comment

Below are 30 of my favorite pictures from this year’s Burning Man Festival with no particular order or organization. Sadly, our Government’s failure to actually follow the US Constitution force me to give this warning:

Warning: Activist, conservative US Supreme Court judges have legislating from the bench to add obscenity restrictions into the constitution despite the 1st Amendment’s clear protection of such speech. As such, I’m forced to warn you that there may be HUMANS AS THEY REALLY ARE in some of the pictures below. For tens of thousands of years HUMANS AS THEY REALLY ARE posed no threat to the race but apparently many believe they have become so in modern times. If you subscribe to this unsubstantiated notion, or are beholden to an organization that forces it upon you (some workplaces), then click away now before looking below.