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The Big Thanks List

September 12th, 2011 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 1 Comment

I’m all unpacked and settled in though I doubt I’ll ever get this playa dust off of all my possessions. It’s weird and wonderful being home again. Nothing makes you appreciate home like leaving it for a good spell.

I still have lots of good content coming from my travels but I wanted to take a moment to thanks all those who help make such a trip possible. With out the assistance of many friends both old and new I never could have stayed away so long and had such a great time! Thanks very kindly to one and all on the list below!

  • Will – Looking after my cats and the home front in general.
  • Mom – Allowing me to stay in Captiva and additional home front support.
  • Kim & Dina - Putting me up in Tallahassee for a few days.
  • Pris Yotter - Fantastic trip advice!
  • Troy Bickford – Accommodations in Baton Rouge and showing me around New Orleans.
  • Tanner James – Showing me around New Orleans one night.
  • Aunt Martha – Keeping and feeding me for a whole week in Tennessee.
  • Stuart – Showing me around St. Louis & especially to “Fitz’s”.
  • Dave Williamson - Having drinks with Stuart & me in St. Louis.
  • Scott’s Parents – Having me by for lunch on Rt. 66.
  • Edd Taylor – Putting me up in Chicago and taking me for a very memorable bar crawl.
  • Scott Wessels – Putting me up for a week in Minneapolis and showing me tons of sights in the area.
  • Jason Bills and Paul Nelson – Meeting me for drinks and showing me Sioux Falls.
  • Paul Levesque – Keeping me company at Devil’s Tower.
  • Dave & Carla – for feeding me a very nice dinner in Beartooth pass.
  • Jeff Arnold – Letting me stay for several days in his cabin in Yellowstone.
  • Jay and David – Having me over one night for a movie at their place.
  • Derek Perrigo and the rest of Dust Haven – Inviting me into their camp at Burning Man and showing me a great deal of hospitality.

If I missed anyone, please forgive me as it was a LONG trip and I suspect my less than perfect memory has omitted someone somewhere.

One Response to “The Big Thanks List”

  1. Heather Fell says:

    We had such a great time with you – thanks for becoming part of our DustHaven experience! I’m really looking forward to seeing your pictures :-)

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