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Futuro House

August 26th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 1 Comment

Futuro House

I wanted to expand on yesterday’s post a bit by showing more shots of the Futuro house I encountered. I’ve been obsessed with these “flying saucer” homes for a while so it was really cool to finally view one up close. This one is is obiously in bad repair and will need a lot of work to restore. Were I a wealthier man, I’d totally look into buying it, moving it to my mother’s farm, and fixing it up myself. Ah, but I can dream can’t I?

One Response to “Futuro House”

  1. Simon says:


    Real nice shots of the Futuro at the Pink Elephant – have to say it looks like they have made quite a bit of progress in the refurbishment process considering how it looked when it first came up from Springfield. I too have the “bug” and took a trip to see two of them recently here in Texas – Royse City and Rockwall – not able to get that close to the Rockwall one but the Royse City one is abandoned and you can get up close and inside. Let me tell you that one is really in need of some TLC. Anyway check out my blog at – the latest is all about the Futuro House – a work in progress at the moment but since you have the “bug” there may be some info there that is of interest to you.

    Thanks and have great day.

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