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Cargo Cult – Single

August 4th, 2011 by Fitz, Citizen Fitz's Songs, 1 Comment

Cargo Cult cover art

Upbeat musings on the genesis of divinity.


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Written by Citizen Fitz. All instruments, production, and photography by Citizen Fitz.


The Radio crackled from one side
A bunch of nonsense till its batteries died
But savage eyes were already wide
With wonder

Cargo cult and legacy
Trinkets wash up from the sea
Shining with divinity
So bright

Cargo cult and all is well
Dance into that fiery spell
Linen suits can never quell
Your light

And now a temple has grown in the field
Inside is a shrine stands to the surreal
Before the Radio savages kneel
With wonder




Recording Notes

  • Tempo: 135 bpm
  • Vocals were a Sennheiser 421 MD thru an Apogee One.
  • Written and recorded in Baton Rouge Louisiana and Memphis Tennesee.
  • Synths used: Roland Jupiter 8 for comping, Synapse Dune and Camel Audio Alchemy for strings. GForce MiniMonsta for pad. Ableton Tension for bass.
  • Drums were combination of Drumcore riffs, Albeton built in drums, Apple GargageBand kits and Native Instruments West Africa Set.
  • Durning mixdown I accidentally left the snare muted. When I went back I decided it sounded much better without it so it’s my first pop song with no snare drum.

One Response to “Cargo Cult – Single”

  1. Greeting Mike,
    It was good to hear from you on Thanksgiving day. Your photos are exceptionally stunning. I’m jealous – 3.5 months on the road without abandon – something I just can not pull off while my grandparents are in the elderly years of their lives.

    ….As for your microphone selection for vocals: the 441 is a better selection for vocals and general purpose full band performance, in my opinion, while the 421 is great for percussion instruments, especially when miking up the kick drum. But you know how opinions are – everyone has got their own. Also, upon consideration of a compression/expansion unit, you might want to research what brands offer a tube(non-solid state, or solid scrape) version….Much warmer, less edgy.
    Good luck!

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