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The Gingernaut: My 2003 Element

July 26th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Gear & Tips, 2 Comments

Honda Element

I keep trying to dream up a cool name for my ride but so far, no luck. The Salamander? The Ankylosaurus? What nickname does one give to a big orange 2003 Honda Element?


Anyway, clever sobriquet or not, this is by far the best car I’ve ever owned. It’s highly functional, very cool looking, and just plain fun to drive. I love it. I bought it hoping to someday take it cross country and I’m glad I’m finally getting around to it.

One nifty feature of the Element that makes it particularly suitable for road trips are the factory-made tents that can be attached to the back of the car. Will and I camped numerous times in the smaller cabana tent (see some older pictures below) but I’ve opted for the much larger version this time out. I’ve also found that a standard size futon fits just about perfectly in the rear making for a very comfy sleeping space.

And don’t think I haven’t drooled over the uber-cool pop-top conversion that can be added to the car but I’ve a hard time justifying the expense on such an old vehicle. Would I get my money’s worth? Hard to say, but I’m still thinking about it.

2 Responses to “The Gingernaut: My 2003 Element”

  1. tomw4819 says:

    How about “megatherium”?

  2. Fitz says:

    My car’s new name is GINGERNAUT!

    Thanks for all the suggestions from facebook friends including: The Strontium Orange, Strontium Flyer, Ginger Juggernaut, Brominator, Coppernaut, Nectaraticus, Coronal mass ejection, and the Shaginwagon.

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