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New Orleans French Quarter

July 21st, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 0 Comments

Rainy Balcony

I’ve spent two evenings in the French Quarter of New Orleans and both were punctuated with rain. Not just little drizzles but huge downpours that had me and my traveling companions (first Troy then Tanner) darting from balcony to balcony to get about. Even soaking wet I really enjoyed the place. It’s a weird blend of artistic verve meets Southern charm meets trashy speakeasy. And it’s that last element, the grit and seediness, that really makes the place shine.

I’ve visited many historic downtowns but most are too clean and too neutered for my tastes. Humans are the most sexual of all creatures and we can also be quite messy and chaotic. Excise completely these elements and what’s left is usually pretty dull.

New Orleans, and the French Quarter in particular, have a more honest and interesting balance. The squalid stands with the stately and the human libido is given more latitude. This makes the place feel alive and open to a wide range of people. Black, white, straight, gay, bohemian or conformist – it seemed any of them could live here and never feel they were the outsider. I really like that. In fact, this is the first stop on my travels that I’d consider moving to.