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Travel Bags: Stuff to Stuff Your Stuff Into

June 28th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Gear & Tips, 0 Comments

Travel Bags

Ah, what to buy to lug around all those fine travel items. Having looked around the Web at how most expert tackle the suitcase/backpack/bag dilemma I’ve decided that a good traveller should have three bags, each with a specific purpose:

The Big Bag

The big bag is the one that holds most, if not all of your stuff. In most cases this will either be a large backpack or, if you’re traveling in a car like me, a small suitcase with wheels. The backpacks are pricy and there is a whole science to finding the just right one. I’ll dive into that when I get one for the foreign leg of my travels. For now I just went with a cheap $70 suitcase from Target.

The “Never Leave” Bag

There are a bunch of items I’m carrying I just can’t afford to lose. My laptop, a few choice pieces of music gear, my passport, etc. For all these I have a “never leave” bag. I take it with me everywhere unless I’m totally sure it’s in a locked secured room. I do not leave it in the car – ever. The key here it to find a bag that you can haul around everywhere you go all day. After trying a number of them I choose the medium Timbuk2 Swig Backpack. It’s just about the right size – not too large that I’m tempted to carry too much and yet roomy enough for all the essentials.

Travel Bags 2

The Light Bag

When I can leave the “never leave” behind it’s nice to have a small bag for shopping, carrying towels & sunblock to the beach, etc. For this, again, Timbuk2 has a great solution in the packable Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger bag. This durable little sack packs down into a very small size (see above) and is quite handy. Highly recommended!

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