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Travel Tops: Shirts and Jackets for the Road

June 23rd, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Gear & Tips, 0 Comments

Travel Tops: Shirts and Jackets for the Road

On to travel tops. I’m carrying a bit more here than I should maybe but I’ll get rid of a few things when I go abroad. My packing list for shirts and jackets is:

  • 1 short sleeve button down shirt
  • 1 long sleeve button down shirt
  • 1 short sleeve merino wool t-shirt
  • 1 long sleeve merino wool t-shirt
  • 1 long sleeve thermal top
  • 1 “wife beater” tank top
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 linen safari jacket
  • 1 hooded fleece

Details below and as always, buying anything thru and various Amazon links give me a small referral bonus that cost you nothing and I do thank you for the support.

Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts for travel

I elected for the Royal Robbins line of shirts as I thought they looked the best, but really any of the new quick-drying breed of button downs is a good bet (don’t get cotton). I like the plaids because the show less dirt. It’s also nice they’re really in fashion now. Having at least one good button down is useful if you need to dress up a bit.

Merino Wool T-Shirts

Travel T-shirts

One of the big challenges with shirts is keeping odor under control. Merino wool is a great solution because it dries quickly and really resists getting stinky. It’s surprising how well it works. I used to bike to work in these guys and while I might reek, you could peel the shirt off me and it smelled fine. The only downside to these shirts is they are a bit more delicate than cotton so be wary of tearing them. I can’t find links to the exact shirts pictured here as manufacturers are always changing styles. The important thing is to get the “superfine” or 170 or less weight shirts for summer use. Anything more will be too hot. They also come in either “active” or casual fit. Active is tight and will show of your body. Casual is more like a regular t-shirt.

Travel Jackets

Travel Jackets

The linen safari jacket is total luxury. I came across one on the internet that was machine washable and had to get it. Makes me feel all adventurous in an Indiana Jones way even if I’m only headed to Walmart.

The North Face raincoat is just the opposite: not terribly stylish but totally functional. It’s very important you take something that can stand up to the rain and cut the wind; and this jacket is a fine choice. If I layer it over the long sleeve shirts and my fleece the group works like a heavy coat. My raincoat is an older one they don’t make anymore so I’m listing a very similar Marmot one below.

Thermal and Tank Top

Thermal and tank

These are really optional. The thermal top is nice to have but could be obviated with a heavier fleece jacket. The tank top just looks good sometimes with the button downs and doesn’t weigh much so I took it.

Hooded Fleece

Travel Hoodie

I haven’t been able to find one of these I really like so I settled on the L.L. Bean version. It’s pretty good and certainly does the job but I’d like to find one a bit nicer. If you do bring a fleece make sure you get one with a hood. That way you can use it in conjunction with your rain jacket to keep your head warm and won’t have to carry a warm hat.