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What’s Your “Takeoff” Song?

June 11th, 2011 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 0 Comments

Sitting in my car, engine idling, luggage packed, I was faced with a grave decision: what would be my takeoff song? I stared at my iPod with indecision. So many choices. Something pensive or celebratory? A classic or something new? It didn’t help that I’ve got almost 40 gigs of music to choose from. I cleared my mind for a moment and the perfect tune sprang to mind: the Space: 1999 season 1 theme song. Yes! I cued the most transcended piece of classical & disco fusion ever recorded and put the car into gear…

So what’s your takeoff song? The tune YOU’D play as you head out for a big adventure? I’m very curious to know.

Oh, and if you’re interested the first season of Space: 1999 is my favorite soundtrack of all time. It’s really that good! Standout tracks are the title track, Ring Around the Moon, and the Troubled Spirit (great sitar solo).

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