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I’m Outta Here

June 10th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 2 Comments

Cat in Car The car is packed, the gear is in storage, and I’m off. The cats will be staying behind but I did give them some play time on the futon I’ve put in the back of my Element. It feels odd now that I’m actually leaving. Very odd indeed. Okay, let’s see how this all turns out.

2 Responses to “I’m Outta Here”

  1. Matt S. says:

    Ahhh I remember when my parents took us on trips as a kid there was one particular summer they put a camper shell on the back of the pickup and then rested a futon unfolded in the back just like that. They wouldn’t let my brother and I ride up in the cab so we spent most of the time in the back. (Luckily we were traveling through upper Canada to Alaska or I suspect it would have been too hot!) Our rig wasn’t as nice as yours though because the camper shell had very low head clearance and even as a 12-yearold I couldn’t sit totally upright.

  2. Lea says:

    Bon Voyage! Hope this is an amazing journey for you, but we’ll definitely miss you. So make sure you keep those updates coming!

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