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Travel Footwear: Shoes, Socks, & Sandals for the Road

June 9th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Gear & Tips, 0 Comments

Travel shoes a socks

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out on the first leg of my journey so today I’m busy packing. I’ve done a lot of research and planning into what best to pack on sojourns such as mine and I’m going to start sharing it all with you here over the next few weeks. As always, buying anything thru and various Amazon links (even not the item that comes up) give me a small referral bonus that cost you nothing and I do thank you for the support.

First up: travel footwear. I’m taking three pairs of shoes, (all brown in color) and two pairs of socks.

Sport Sandals

Travel sport sandals

I’d avoided sports sandals largely because most of them looked too clownish with their big upturned toes. The Merrell Cambrian Stretch, however, look great and are perhaps the most usable shoe I own. Consider they:

  • Slip easily on & off
  • Don’t require shining or other maintenance
  • Are usable in water
  • Reduces the need for socks (important for travelers)
  • Protects feet better from sun with their mesh tops

This is probably the shoe I’ll be wearing most of the time on my travels.

Vibram Fivefingers Shoes

Vibram Five Finger shoes

My Vibram Fivefingers KSO Trek shoes are incredibly comfortable, good for my feet, and nice to have for jogging or the gym. You can lounge around all day in these shoes and they still feel great. They wouldn’t be my only shoe of choice for travelling but as they weigh next to nothing it’s easy to bring them along. Fivefingers come in a variatey of styles but I like the brown leather KSO Treks best because, well, they’re so much more conservative. :)

Merino Wool Socks

Six point merino travel socks

A good pair of socks is somehow very important to me. I’ve always said that when I become filthy rich my first eccentric indulgence will be to use a fresh, never-worn pair of socks each day – discarding all the old ones to charity. My quest for the perfect sock has seen many detours but I think I’ve finally found hosiery heaven.

Six Point socks are a great fit for my feet and they’re a great solution for travelers. They’re made mostly of merino wool which is quick-drying, resists odor, warm when wet (useful with the sport sandals above), and extremely comfortable. They only downside is wool socks can shrink a bit in the dryer a bit so best to just let them air-dry overnight.

There are many options for Six Point socks but I find the Men’s Hiking Light Cushion Mini Crew Socks to be the best choice. They’re just high enough to be worn with boots.

Travel Boots

Travel Boots

And finally, a good pair of boots are indespenible when you need ankle support and rugged foot protection. Many pairs can also be worn under jeans for a more dressed up look than can be afforded by sandals. These are a old pair of Timberlands that badly need replacing. Several years of hard wear and two trips to Burning Man have taken their toll. Still, they’ll do until I’ll find another pair on the road.