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Rohoboth Beach Getaway

June 7th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 2 Comments

There’s an old cliche that goes “People from DC go to Rohoboth to get away from it all by hanging out with all their friends – who’re also from DC”.

This weekend we lived that cliche.

A last minute invitation to a wedding gave us reason to run up to Rohoboth for a few days and afforded Will and I some together time before I leave on the first big leg of my trip. The wedding party was pretty brief and once we started hanging around the beach strip proper we ran into a surpising number of friends from home. Even the new people we met and hung out with were, well, all from right near us in DC.

2 Responses to “Rohoboth Beach Getaway”

  1. John says:

    Next time you are in Rehoboth check this out. My partner and I just got back from there on July 4th. It is pretty awesome. I thought of you when I saw it.

    John Engle

  2. Fitz says:

    Wow. Very cool structure. Thanks for pointing it out John. We’ll have to swing by and see it next time we’re over there. Thanks!

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