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Warrior Dash – My Lame Excuse

May 24th, 2011 by Fitz, Travel Adventures & Places, 0 Comments

Sometimes a lame excuse really is, well, a lame excuse.

My excuse for attending but not running in last Sunday’s Warrior Dash came in the form of a torn calf muscle. Ugh! Watching all my friends go trotting thru the race’s various obstacle (fire, mud pits, climbing topes, etc.) from the sidelines was pretty disappointing.

But at least I got some good pictures and had a fine time hanging out with everyone. Plus someone was needed to play “den mother” and hold everyone’s stuff as they went slogging thru the grime.

The event is held on a large race track and draws about 25 thousand people. Because it’s held in stages (one wave runs every 30 minutes) the place never seems over crowded – just a nice flow of people the entire day.

There are band playing, basic food and beer, and for those who appreciate the male physique, a lot to look at. Let’s face it: muscular men wear mud well.

I’ve got to return to this event and run the darn thing next time!