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Down To Fighting Weight

May 10th, 2011 by Fitz, Uncategorized, 1 Comment

Trident Crossfit Gym Exterior
“I was trying to get down to fighting weight for the tour and didn’t quite make it. But don’t be fooled. If anything happens I can still fight AT this weight.” - Colin Hay
I want to jump start my fitness before traveling. Three years in a Government cube-farm haven’t been kind to my physique and I want to be better prepared for whatever the world has waiting for me. There’s really no big secret to getting in shape, just a lot of work on the diet and exercise.
  • Diet: VERY low-carb. Mostly just cooked turkey with some ‘Dis and ‘Dat seasoning Kimberly gave me and some low glycemic-index veggies.
  • Exercise: Thanks to Zhan and Rachel’s recommendations I’ve joined Trident Crossfit which is only a few blocks from my house.

5 Weeks isn’t a lot of time but if I’m diligent and disciplined it should make a solid difference.

Trident Crossfit Gym interior

Michael's Dis and Dat Seasoning

One Response to “Down To Fighting Weight”

  1. Fitz says:

    Hey Zhan. That would be great as I really like the work out. I’ll have to ask them how that works. Thanks!

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