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About: I'm a singer/songwriter who uses lots of synths. My music kinda sounds like Thomas Dolby meets a National Geographic Special. It's great for your road trips, travels, or simple office escapes.
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Palm Drawn with Paper

Palm tree drawn with the Paper app.

Jeffrey Koepper

I really enjoy the work of synth wiz Jeffrey Koepper. His instrumental, all-analog, albums draw deeply from the Berlin electronic school but with a sound all his own. My favorite is Luminosity but they’re all solid.

I’m pretty sure I met Jeff a while back and sold him my Crumar Performer but I can’t be sure.

Anyway, if you enjoy mysterious and sequencer-driven synth compositions even half as much as I do you should check out his albums (all of which are available on iTunes).

Cherry Blossoms

Yes, it was horribly crowded, but the inconvenience was worth it. Just about a perfect day and the cherry blossoms were quite beautiful.

King of the Jungle


New Controllers


I just noticed that – maker of fine large format modular synths – has added some very cool controller boxes.

Ah, my poor wallet…